Twitter isn’t very new but at the same time it’s not an old platform. With the number of high profile celebrities using Twitter, it was only a matter of time before everyone else jumped on-board. Just like any other traffic source, internet marketers learned to use Twitter to bring more customers into their business and make more money. This article will focus in on some techniques that you can use to do Twitter marketing the right way.


Twitter is a community, and like every community, you have to be accepted before you can do business. Plain and simple, if you come to Twitter and try to sell without offering value then you won’t make much money. That’s one of the biggest turn off’s for Twitter users because they are literally tired of all the spam floating around. A simple way to sidestep a common Twitter marketing mistake is to be sure to offer value and to keep your monetized links to a minimal and don’t make unrealistic claims about anything you are promoting. The best way to go around your Twitter promotion is to mix your informative tweets with your promotional links.


Give out quality information to your followers and add a tweet promoting your product for every few of these tweets. The easiest way to make people trust you is to make them believe that you’re not a spammer. There are two types of marketers online, you have the ones who build businesses and make huge sums of money every year and you have the others. Also, don’t only use Twitter to promote your products, you can network and find new partners and maybe even new friends. You have a chance to became one of the minority of marketers who are making a killing using Twitter.


The biggest reason people don’t succeed with Twitter marketing is because they aren’t able to give that human touch to it. In other words, Twitter users are human and they are always looking for someone to connect with on a personal level. You can’t just send out lots of promotional messages to people and expect them to buy from you. Twitter is full of people who are high on emotions. They are really looking to share, to know, to learn and to build a relationship. You should help them create a relationship and vice versa. You have to build up some trust and credibility before people will want to click on your links and read your offers.

Put a personal touch in all your messages and don’t try to sell anything directly. Twitter users are tired of the frequent spam, so they’ll appreciate it if you take the time to show them some personal concern. It’s better to hold off on promoting until people appreciate you for the useful, entertaining and friendly messages you send them. You have to balance the promotion with spreading knowledge.


Automating as much of the Twitter marketing process as possible will allow you to focus on the most important aspects. If you want to exploit trends and manage your keywords better then Tweet Deck, or something similar, is a good software solution. Knowing when your products or other keywords are mentioned is only one benefit of using this software. Software is good but only if it meets your needs, so do your research first. Search or ask questions on a marketing forum to find out what works best.


Promoting your business with Twitter is actually fairly simple. You can use this platform to the maximum; you just have to know how. Many people have this fear of using Twitter for marketing, especially because they’re not sure of how to go about it. It’s actually easier to figure out once you begin, taking it one step at a time. Soon you will realize that driving traffic using Twitter is simple and powerful. Just remember to apply the above tips and stay away from making simple mistakes that can ruin your campaigns.


Twitter marketing has its own special qualities, but you also have to apply the same wisdom and common sense you’d use with any other type of marketing.

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