Update To Facebook Market Place Ads

Hi Facebook Marketer’s /Campaign Owners,

Facebook has released Broad Category targeting in the create flow for your ads and Sponsored Stories.

“You can now use Broad Category targeting to improve performance by more easily and accurately reaching your desired audience through pre-defined categories rather than individual targeting parameters. We’ve created clusters of commonly used targeting parameters and are now offering them as targetable categories in the create flow. These categories are composed of likes and interests, apps people use, Pages they like, and other profile content they’ve provided. For example, you can now reach people who like “Outdoor Fitness Activities” with a single category selection rather than adding every outdoor sport and activity individually, as precise interests.

You can find this feature by clicking “Switch to Broad Category Targeting” within Interests targeting at http://www.facebook.com/ads/create/. Note that “Likes & Interests” targeting has been renamed “Precise Interests” targeting to more clearly distinguish between these targeting options, but the functionality of Precise Interests is the same. It’s not possible to use both Precise Interests and Broad Categories for targeting the same ad or Sponsored Story.”

Let me know if you have any questions on how this will affect your Facebook campaigns [olivia.naire@icecleamedia.com] Many thanks


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