Twitter revamps Home Page again


Twitter revamps Home Page (again)


In April, popular micro-blogging social network -Twitter tried to makes it new slick homepage live. Due to some unexpected server issues, the new homepage got reverted to the previous one. But the new home page of Twitter was visible to select users only. Today the new Twitter Home Page/Sign-in Page was made live to all users.
Home Page refresh seems to be a yearly cycle for Twitter because the social network revamped its home page last year in March. Ever since the implementation of new Twitter Home Page took place, elements of service started its disappearing act one by one. While fixing those temporarily absent features like Trends, Lists, etc., new Home Page finally went live for all users. With the New Twitter and now a new Home Page, Twitter is slowly making User Interface changes. Several users loved the new neat looking homepage and that includes me too.
However, several users feel that it looks like Facebook login page but that won t cause any lawsuit between Twitter and Facebook. In any case, Twitter is more focused now on offering relevant search results in real-time than anything else. Do let me know your thoughts whether you like the new home page with good reasons for your opinion.

New Twitter Home PageNew Twitter Home Page

Old Twitter Home PageOld Twitter Home Page


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