Reputation Management

What will people find if they search your brand?

Is Your Brand’s Reputation Damaging Sales?

Reputation is everything in business and PR strategy. The main advantages of developing a positive business reputation is that the public feel more comfortable to communicate with and trust your business and services therefore, a good reputation will pay for itself as time goes on.

On the other hand, a bad reputation can prove harder to get rid of, and whether your unsatisfactory reputation occurred due to an ugly rumour or maybe a mistake your business made through poor management; it is important that it is dealt with. A bad review will always be at the back of a potential customers mind when they consider buying from your business and so reputation management is the process of removing and reducing bad reputation, and ultimately improving the online public opinion of your business for the better. What your company needs is online reputation management.

Ice Clear Media provide flexible and bespoke online reputation management services for businesses of all sizes, niches and industries.  Our comprehensive Online Reputation Management Services include; Social Media brand control, review management, review removal, anti-cyber bullying, competitor misbehaviour and so much more. Did you know that all it takes is one bad review to cost you more than 10 potential leads? And no reviews could also cost you potential leads? Never lose business again due to reputation management. Clear negative reviews and make your brand look great to potential customers when they Google you.

Reputation Management Features:

  • Fast removal of negative posts make the dirt invisible?
  • Discover what Bloggers are doing to your reputation
  • Measure the impact of the campaign
  • Removal of All negative content?
  • Protect yourself & business
  • Brand monitoring
  • Transparent & “White Hat” techniques
  • Expert reputation analysis to protect brands and organisations?
  • Maintain customer relationships and communication
  • Flood search engines with content you can control
  • Sponsored blog post sourcing & management
  • Removal of negative posts, reviews and content
  • Appeal to bloggers to review your company or your product
  • Cutting-edge tools and technology to monitor real-time conversations
  • Online reputation management case study creation
  • Fast response to dissatisfied reviewers
  • Online reputation repair
  • Google suggest management
  • Review distribution
  • Review management
  • Hide negative listings

We believe businesses and individuals have the right to control how their brand and names appear in search engines. That’s why we’re here.

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