We worked on Formula One’s website from 2007 to 2011 prior to the BBC take over. We provided digital marketing services for Formula One’s official site and the official Formula One site on ITV.COM. In the early day’s of Formula One on ITV, our goal was to keep the site engaging and visually appealing whilst still favorable and readable to search engines. Online visibility and findability was paramount to the campaigns success. The goal was to ensure that the Formula One websites showed up at the very moment someone was searching for these brand keywords: “formula one”, “formula 1” and “f1”.

We ranked both the official Formula One site and ITV’s Formula One site at positions #1 and positions 2# for these keywords:

  1. Formula One
  2. Formula 1
  3. F1

The success of the Formula One site saw over 2 million unique visitors each month. The BBC bought the exclusive rights to Formula One and launched a brand new website for F1. This meant that ITV could no longer produce exclusive content for the F1 ITV website. Nonetheless, it took the BBC over 1 year to gain the number #2 spot on Google rankings.  ITV’s Formula One website stayed at number #2 for  4 years straight. Today, some 7 years later ITV are still number #3 and the official Formula One site is still ranked at #1.

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