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Need traffic now?? Then paid search is your quick fix.

Dedicated Paid Search (PPC) services from Ice Clear Media including Pay-per-click marketing, Google AdWords management and Facebook advertising for more visitors, and for increased visibility and sales.

Instantly drive targeted visitors to your site and generate brand awareness with expert level managed Paid Search (PPC) services from Ice Clear Media. Our dedicated team is made up of highly talented people with experience implementing long-term paid search strategies, and have a history of delivering proven results. Ice Clear Media’s Paid Search Services are tailored to meet the bespoke needs of your organisation.

Paid Search ( also known as PPC  and Pay-per-Click) is an excellent supplement for natural search (SEO) efforts and SEO short-falls. It is also an effective way to obtain fast leads, website traffic, brand awareness and sales revenue. Paid Search (PPC)  just isn’t about attract someone’s attention and brand awareness; it’s about offering your products or services perfectly to potential customer who are looking for it.

Ice Clear Media has met Google’s requirements to get recognition as being a Qualified Google Ad agency, and are proud being an Authorised Google Analytics Consultancy. We deliver effective Paid Search strategies that facilitate long-term success far beyond the initial Paid Search investment.

Our Paid Search Services at a glance

Paid Search (PPC) Management:

Advanced Paid Search (PPC) management is our forte. Our trained and passionate PPC professionals share the belief that connecting businesses with their target audiences is not merely a science, but an art as well. Although our Paid Search management process depends on analysing technical data and deriving conclusions based on statistical evidence, our Paid Search experts likewise use a great deal of creativity and innovation when determining the right technique to make your Paid Search campaign effective.

PPC Audit:

Paid Search campaign optimisation (PPC Audit) is necessary to give your existing PPC advertising efforts  boost. Whether it’s a really detailed and unbiased deep probe PPC account performance that you just seek, then a PPC Audit might just be the right spot to start out .All of us of experts will thoroughly review your PPC portfolio’s structure, historical performance, by using fundamental PPC guidelines and other advanced PPC opportunity to ensure you receive the best results from your efforts.

Paid Search (PPC) Retainer:

We know that not all businesses can hire an agency to control their Paid Search campaigns full-time and so we provide a PPC Services at pay as you go rates from 7-45 hours a month. Our Paid Search Retainer service is ideal for businesses who have an in-house team or in-house resource managing your PPC on a day-to-day basis. We find that a second set of hands or fresh eyes can help boost results to ensure that your PPC performance is constantly improving. Ice Clear Media’s Retainer option allocates the client with 7-45 hours a month. Our Paid Search Optimisation services will improve your account health and growing market share by utilising our certified Account Managers to tackle assigned tasks, while your team maintains the day to day running of your PPC campaigns.


Benefits of our Paid Search (PPC) Services

  • Maximise ROI on Competitive Keywords. In every market sector high converting keywords are becoming increasingly expensive to bid on. Our methods identify the high cost, high volume terms through PPC that are most valuable for exploitation through a longer term SEO strategy. This ensures you receive maximum ROI from these profitable keywords at the minimum cost.
  • Website Usability & Conversion Report. Undertaken at the start of your campaign, we will provide you with a full report on your website. This is aimed at identifying areas to increase your sites conversion rate, increase value of your conversions, decrease number of visitors exiting your site prematurely and a full analytics review to check your goals are being tracked correctly.
  • Fast Landing Page Optimisation. We provide a fully inclusive service for design and testing of high converting landing pages. Pages are hosted externally to your main site in a flexible, easy to test environment. Traffic is delivered via PPC providing instant results. Those achieving the best conversion can be integrated into your site and optimised safe in the knowledge you are spending your SEO budget optimising pages proven to convert well.
  • Long Tail Search Exchange. Whilst likely to deliver lower traffic volumes than their ‘Generic’ counterparts, the more specific nature of long tail keywords often results in them converting strongly and at a lower cost. Our collaborative approach ensures long-tail terms are identified through PPC & integrated into your SEO campaigns and vice versa.
  • Buzz Monitoring. Keep track of who is talking about you. We can report on trademark appearances internationally. We can even provide you with dates, times, keywords and improved ad copy. Active listening also provides you with the opportunity to choose to engage with your consumers.
  • Quality Score (QS) Strategy. Use Adwords Quality Score to focus your SEO strategy. High score keywords can indicate landing pages with the most relevant content. High Quality Score pages are often quick wins for SEO creation and optimisation. Low scores may be caused by poor CTR’s (click through rates), often the symptom of an ultra competitive landscape. We use these indicators to focus your SEO and achieve first page positions quickly.
  • Ad Copy Testing Exchange. Our Paid Search service offers an environment to test ad copies in a flexible, fast and easy to monitor way. We feed high converting, high CTR (click through rate) variations to our SEO team for implementation into your Meta descriptions.


Seamless Account Management

  • As strategic partners the benefits are mutual for sharing information freely. On-going communication between PPC and SEO account teams allows learnings to be implemented and adjustments to be made as and when.
  • Joint strategic planning meetings with clients.
  • A service which offers the best of both specialisms without compromise

Why choose us?

  • We are leaders.
  • We sit at the forefront in the Paid Search industry since 2003
  • We work with the best (NMA, Gumtree, FIFA, Formula 1 (F1), XBox, Microsoft and many more)
  • Excellent customer services and project management
  • Integrated Paid Search Strategies that fit neatly within your organisation and marketing teams

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