Diversify for Link Building Health

Just as man cannot live on bread alone, a site cannot thrive with just one type of link in its profile. Your SEO company should have hammered home the importance of link building to your search engine optimization plan, but have they made it clear which types of links you need? The first step in SEO link building should be to analyse the existing link profile and plan which kinds of links are needed. For the majority of sites who are new to SEO, this will result in the conclusion that all kinds of links are needed. This is the danger zone for most sites, because desperate site owners tend to go out and get links wherever they can.

Link building Traffic Sources

Link building Traffic Sources

Planning is vital to a healthy link profile. So is branching out. Although it would be wonderful if you could obtain only high-quality authority links for your site, this could raise some suspicions with the search engines as it wouldn’t look natural. You can discuss this with our experts at SEO Consult.

This is why it’s important to try many areas and build a diverse profile.

Some areas to try include:

  • Article marketing
  • Blogs in your industry
  • Government sites
  • Directories, both local and general online business directories
  • Links with other businesses in your industry
  • Social media links, including YouTube

While you pursue diversity, you should be focusing on building authority links. These are the ones that will really help your website optimization.

The low-authority links will come in naturally as you explore.

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