Google Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery Service

Whether it’s Panda, Penguin, or any other animal that starts with P, removal of penalties from Google are a tricky process. We understand the urgency of getting your website back on the right track fast as possible, and know what Google wants to see from your site before they lift the penalty. At Ice Clear Media has worked with sites that have been hit by a manual action penalty, and sites that saw a drop in rankings with no warning at all. You can learn about our most recent experience of recovering from a manual spam action penalty here.

When dealing with sites that have been hit by a Google penalty, we take a no nonsense approach to identifying the ranking issues, taking action to fix these issues, and developing a link building strategy for the future that avoids Google penalties.

Through our Google penalty recovery services we:

  • Draw from experience to know what specific back-links, content on your site, or setup of your site are in violation of Google’s Quality Guidelines.
  • Contact site owners multiple times requesting links to be changed or removed immediately.
  • Create an organised and systematic document of our efforts, write a reconsideration request that highlights our work and commitment to never violate Google’s Quality Guidelines again, and present both documents to Google to have the penalty lifted or alleviated.
  • Develop a future SEO strategy that focuses on quality and not quantity, creating a better user experience for your site visitors, and will not be a threat to Google penalties.
  • To learn how we helped a site recover from a Google manual spam action penalty in 2 weeks that covers more of the specifics of our work, read on!

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