Firefox For Android Updated With Privacy Feature

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Firefox For Android Updated With Privacy Feature

Mozilla has released a ‘Do Not Track’ feature on Firefox, which enables private browsing on the cellular device. This feature seeks to increase the security amongst Android users. Sid Stamm, Security and Privacy Official at Mozilla said that, the unveiling of the HTTP Reader, which made use of the Do Not Track feature, received enormous support from users and other contemporaries. He says that the basic idea is to provide users with the same browser experience as the desktop version of the web browser.

Turning On the Do Not Track feature on your Android device is as easy as a flick of a switch. One needs to go to the browser preferences and slide the ‘Tell sites not to track me’ button. Bearing no differences to the desktop client, Stamm on his ( blog says that the websites will receive the same signal from the mobile version as the desktop client enabled with the Do Not Track service sends.

Security seems to be a priority with developers these days, with major brands like Apple and Google being criticized for location tracking. It’s really commendable to see Mozilla trying to make mobile browsing more secure than before for its users.

Download Mozilla Firefox Beta for Android over here.

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