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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels to gain business online. It’s not for everyone or every business and at Ice Clear Media we would advise on this up front, but for those that it fits, it can be an exceptionally positive driver for customer relationship building and product/service promotion as well as brand building.

The key to online email marketing is to use the data and emails that you already have access to. This includes sub-segmenting, tracking, reporting, A-B testing campaigns and refining the promotions. This should be in conjunction with making the most to build your email data via your existing market channels or creating routes whereby you can collect new email data to market to.

Alongside knowing what content to push to which users, it’s also important to work best practice standards and all guidelines that exist. This includes the correct management of the server, sending domains, un-subscribe and feedback-loop management among other important factors.

At Ice Clear Media we can help you review existing data, work out strategies for collecting new data, and help develop an email campaign from design to delivery. We can even provide you with a dedicated email platform (called APOCRYA), which also includes pre-designed templates to make sending your newsletters or promotions as easy as possible with the highest delivery rates and industry compliance.

What are the Feature of Email Marketing Services?

Our Email Marketing Service Packages

Full Service – Email Marketing
Full service clients receive a completely managed email marketing program from mailing, set up to execution. A dedicated account manager who will become an extension of your marketing department.

Collaborative Service
Collaborative arrangements provide flexibility, with clients customising their level of service over time or using our bespoke email experts in an a-la-carte capacity.

Self Service
Clients can execute their own programs using Ice Clear Media’s email platform APOCRYA ASP. Ice Clear Media also train and support clients, teams and manages ISP relationships.

Benefits of Email Marketing?

Real time analytics
Measurable ROI
Sophisticated segmentation and measurement tools
Increased customer data capture opportunities
Customer Value Segmentation
Attitudinal Targeting Prospect
Contact Strategy
Category Split Messaging

Why choose to work with Ice Clear Media?

Great customer service
Pioneering methodologies
Live customer support
Client portal and project management integration
Cross-channel marketing synergy
Social Media Integration
Excellent reporting and insight
Friendly staff
Results driven, honest team
24/7 technical support
Deliverability support
ISP Management [

How do we get started with Email Marketing?

Start Today. Contact Ice Clear Media today to discuss your SEO Strategy and how we can help. In addition, you can request a free SEO report and website review to take the first step in capturing more paying customers and clients.

Ice Clear Media has offices in London and New York, and are leading providers of online marketing services to many major brands and SME’s in the UK, US and Europe. Many of the world’s most famous brands use Ice Clear Media to collaborate and assist with the execution of their digital marketing activities including Gumtree, ITV, Ticketmaster, eBay, Windows7 and many more.