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Content Writing Services for Business.

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Content Writing Services

Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to gain more traffic and enhance your website authority using content writing or content marketing?

Content is king. But not just any content, quality content. Globally, more than half a billion people scan the internet for news and content every single day. How much of that traffic is your business leveraging? Creating quality content for your site visitors and potential customers could change the way people look at your brand completely.

At Ice Clear Media, our content marketing services will help you increase your share of voice by offering the quality content services that your brand requires. Coupled with the user experience necessary, to maximise the reach of your news and content pages within your website. Telling a consistent and cohesive brand story creates a psychological connection and draws prospective customers down the funnel for increased loyalty, interaction and, ultimately, conversions.

Engage website visitors and attract new traffic and audiences using a high quality, well defined content marketing strategies that synergies with business activities, channels, formats and campaigns.  We are continually updating our Content Provider services to remain at the cutting-edge of news feed technology, content creation and PR as and when it develops. We hire writers and editors who have years of proven content and editorial experience and who are also trained in content optimisation for search (SEO).

Features of our Content Marketing Services

  • Websites content writing services
  • Mobile Apps content marketing
  • Daily blog post writing
  • Social Media Status writing
  • Content Marketing review
  • Facebook wall post writing
  • Twitter status writing
  • Landing page Content Writing
  • Product Pages Content Writing Services
  • FAQ content writing
  • Infographics creation
  • Picture quotes marketing
  • Videos creation
  • Email campaign 
  • Print materials 
  • And even more…

Benefits of our Content Content Marketing Services :

  • Attract search engine spiders on a daily basis
  • Improve website, customer and fan engagement
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Improve SEO Rankings for your targeted keywords
  • Improve your social media content strategy
  • Create engaging social media statuses that work
  • Multi-platform skilled content writers
  • Our copywriters can integrate content into your CRM platform
  • Content directly published to your site(s)
  • Direct content feed, published daily to your site
  • Google News indexed and approved quality content
  • Bespoke,handwritten content
  • Copyscape pass guarantee
  • We follow a strict no duplicate content rule

Why choose us?

  • Highly experienced content writers and content marketers dedicated to every aspect of your content strategy
  • Dedicated copywriting team skilled in producing content for just a full range of media, platform and formats
  • Holistic, Agile approach that permits clients to learn from numerous other disciplines including Buyer, SEO and Social Media Consultancy
  • We are leaders in content marketing services
  • We work with the best.
  • We sit at the forefront in the digital marketing industry and have been training and educating  tomorrow’s web editors and content writers
  • We work with the best (XBox, Microsoft, ITV, Gumtree and many more)
  • We are dedicated to supplying quality, relevant, unique content, Google effective content marketing
  • We have an SEO heritage that spans over 13 years.

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