Can Larry Page Reinvigorate Google?

Eric Schmidt drew his time as Google’s Chief Executive to a close yesterday, making way for Larry Page to take over in his place. He has a lot to live up to – one of Eric’s last acts was to announce a leap in the company’s annual profits to $10.8billion. There’s no denying though that Google is at something of a crossroads at the moment, especially when it comes to matters such as the social challenges it faces.


From that point of view it might be the right time for Page to step up to the plate, as a recognisable face for Google, yet a face that’s been distant enough to come into the business in a different capacity and bring fresh impetus. Google’s currently embroiled in privacy issues with a number of European regulators, its digital library plans are currently in tatters and they’re still struggling to heard in the social elephant in the room in the form of Facebook and Twitter.


Larry Page is the new chief executive of Google


A past employee of Google, Dorie Clark of Clark Strategic Communications recently told BBC News: “Google has gone from the underdog to a major player that gobs of other companies want to take down. That being said, the public sees Google as a fascinating and valuable company. They do need to be watchful but I don’t think they are in danger of losing their cachet just yet.”


Google, for some of its perceived troubles at the moment, are still in an incredibly strong position. There is a sense though that the windows need opening to let some fresh air in and give the company a little spring clean though – competitors like Bing are growing slowly but surely and throwing more caution to the wind, especially when it comes to social search. Google though have been there before, met all their challenges head on and always come out on top. As an SEO agency we wish Mr. Page the best of luck!

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