Barclaycard is promoting its contactless mobile payment service with a viral campaign spoofing the history of money.

Barclaycard: spoof viral depicts the history of payment through the ages

Barclaycard: spoof viral depicts the history of payment through the ages


The viral film depicts the history of payment, including bartering, the use of coins in Roman times and the introduction of banknotes in Georgian London, through to the advent of contactless mobile payment today.


The film, available on YouTube, was created and filmed by Dare and seeded online by Walker Media.


It features a voiceover by larger-than-life thespian Brian Blessed and a cameo by Amy Childs, the star of ‘The Only Way is Essex’.


Gary Twelvetree, Barclaycard’s global brand director, said: “The evolution of payment options is an interesting story and one we had to tell.



“Barclaycard is leading the way in payment innovation, having launched the first-ever credit card, and now we’re taking things into the future with launch of contactless mobile payment.”


Barclaycard’s new service, which began rolling out across UK high streets in May, allows shoppers to make purchases of up to £15 by tapping their handsets on readers at tills in more than 50,000 stores.


Earlier this month, Barclaycard rolled out a sequel to its 2008 ‘Waterslide’ ad to promote contactless mobile payment services.


Barclaycard became the first company to introduce the credit card to UK consumers, in 1966.

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