Well, ‘Twitter Tsar’ is what the media has dubbed the new position the Government is recruiting for. Earning the same wage as the Prime Minister, the new ‘Digital Director’ was recommended for the cabinet by Martha Lane Fox, an internet entrepreneur, and has been designed to help co-ordinate the country’s digital strategy.


The Government is looking for a 'Twitter Tsar'...


David Cameron’s made no secret of his desire to create a UK digital utopia to rival Silicon Valley, and it looks like a vision he wants to realise sooner than later if he’s recruiting digital experts for the cabinet. “Sitting at the heart of the government’s radical public service reform agenda, this will be a rewarding role with a great deal of public visibility,” reads the job description – the Government has recently voiced something close to annoyance at it being labelled as a ‘Twitter Tsar’, saying there’s “so much more to it than that.”


And, as a search engine marketing company, we’re inclined to agree! There are so many tools and techniques available as well as social media to master and make use of online. The role of Digital Director will replace three other existing roles and will help to make spending on online services more efficient.


We hope that the Government finds the right candidate for the job, and wish the successful applicant all the best for the future. But, realistically, it’s going to take a very long time before any kind of proper infrastructure is in place for the UK to realistically compete with Silicon Valley – but steps like this, no matter how small, are still steps in the right direction.

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